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WHC Training and Development

Hi, my name is Will and I am a Professional Trainer, Coach and Mentor. Some of my favourite workplace memories have been to see individuals learn and grow to fulfil their potential. At work as a manager I loved  creating environments for teams to flourish. It was this passion that led me to start trying to offer this service to others.

My passions include Team Sports and in particular have been coaching Hockey for 18 years at a range of levels. I have seen how the crossover from different fields have really helped in moulding my approach to business and leadership.

I have delivered hundreds of workshops and seminars to people of all backgrounds on a range of subjects. In my younger years I enjoyed a stint as a stand-up comedian. I love speaking to an audience and the buzz of working with groups of people. Developing talent through support and training is where my heart lies and I look forward to working with you on your next project!



Emily - Integrative Counsellor

Will absolutely put me at ease when I was transitioning into my first managerial role; He helped me to build my confidence, learn my strengths, and plan to tackle any challenges. I felt able to talk through any anxieties openly, as well as celebrating my successes, all whilst being held in a supportive, non-judgmental, and safe space. I cannot recommend Will highly enough as a friendly and effective mentor!

Elle - Senior Event Manager, AOK Events 

I really enjoyed the sessions with Will, he has given me confidence over the last couple of months becoming a new leader within my company. I have learned a lot of new techniques to use when managing the people in my team, some of which I have already used. It has also made me realise how I work and being comfortable with the way I work. I have also managed to pick up on things I need to improve on during the process. 

Rachael - Disability Advisor, Higher Education

Working with Will is a pleasure with a positive approach and a plethora of knowledge. His style is supportive, encouraging and realistic; offering honest feedback and advice on ways to improve. I highly recommend him. Will has been invaluable in providing me with direction and confidence to further progress my career.

Lucy - Advertising Group Accounts Director 

I feel I've really benefitted from my coaching with Will... He also gave me practical tips to take forward, both in the workplace and personal life. I appreciated the fact that his background wasn't in the sector I worked in as it made the sessions feel neutral and totally focussed on the individual.

Georgie - Hockey Club 1st Team Captain

I have been working with Will as a coach of Reigate Priory Hockey for the past 5 seasons...He has helped to create a hugely supportive and friendly atmosphere whilst encouraging players to push themselves out of their comfort zone in order to improve.

Mark - Head of Student Services 

Talented, knowledgeable, experienced and highly supportive in the training and coaching sessions he has delivered here at BIMM – enhanced with a professional but fun approach to his training sessions Will has a natural ability to keep people motivated, focussed and engaged with the subject content. Will has delivered a number of workshops (IT, admin and student support content) to our college staff and has helped both individuals and teams to develop skills, knowledge, and greater understanding of both the technical aspects and the bigger picture. He demonstrates a very methodical, patient and empathetic style to his delivery, nothing is ever too much trouble, and he always displays a ‘human’ or ‘person-centred’ approach to his coaching and training.

Will is fantastic with people and can always be trusted to; make his sessions understood, ensure the message gets across to learners, give people self-belief, make sure no question is left unanswered and that nothing is too much trouble!

Proven and highly recommended, I would never hesitate to book one of his workshops.

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