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Half Day or Full Day Workshops

There are a few successful workshops that have been designed and produced for teams in the past. This can sometimes be a more affordable way for teams to undertake training on skills that are valuable for everyone.

Prices will vary depending on individual need as well as travel requirements. Please enquire to discuss your training needs and we can work with a budget to suit your needs. Here are some of the examples of workshops I deliver:

Emotional Intelligence and
Empathy in Leadership

Effective and empathetic managers of the most effective tools in staff retention. Great managers often deliver for their staff in moments with which their emotional intelligence is tested. This workshop will be aimed at identifying those moments and producing the skills for you to be at your best for your colleagues and show compassion when they need it the most.

Leadership Training

Stepping up to Management

It is a common story that managers are promoted based on skills they had in a previous job rather than the job they are about to do. Management is a skill just like any other. This workshop is designed for managers recently promoted who want to learn the skills required to be outstanding in their role and those who aspire to manage in the future. In this session we will identify what sort of leader you relate to the most and how you can adapt to suit different work situations.

Management Training

Happiness in the Workplace

Workplace culture may be the difference between a forward thinking or a toxic team environment. Often change and improvement can come about without having to spend much money. Simple changes to routines, creating autonomy for staff and providing safe spaces for people to learn and try new things can be as powerful as any financial incentive. This workshop will give you tools to create this environment and provide practical solutions to challenging environments.

Workplace Training

Coaching and Mentoring

Examples of types of coaching advice I have provided:

  • Career Change

  • Mentor support for new managers

  • Interview preparation​

  • Time management

  • Delivering great presentations and public speaking

  • Managing challenging behaviour

  • Preparing for difficult conversations

  • Communicating your values to others

There are times when we can all do with support and guidance within our work. This could be a specific challenge, seeking guidance in improving skills or consulting with someone objective about personal ambitions. Whether you are looking for a series of coaching sessions to help you reach a specific goal or looking for a mentor to check in with about aspects of your work, please get in touch. 

As a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) all Coaching and Mentoring is conducted in line with their International Code of Ethics available here

Bespoke Training Days and Consultancy

If you are after something that is tailored to you and your needs, then please contact me and talk to us about what you want. Whilst we have provided some areas of specialty, I will take the approach that best suits you and the challenge you face.

Rates are flexible depending on need so please get in touch to let me know how I can help.

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